For OUR team

As a tribute to our city and our team, Rag Lab is presenting the world's largest single seller collection of Vintage Orlando Magic apparel. Included are TRUE VINTAGE t shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, hats and jackets. Additionally you will find some pre-owned, new and throwback gear in our collection. 

Growing up in Orlando it's been gut wrenching as a fan to ride the waves of success but never rise to the top of the mountain. However, that's never taken away from the fun of the Shaq & Penny, Heart & Hustle, T-Mac or Dwight Howard era's as they happened. It's the pain after it's over and reverting to the Orlando Tragic that stings. But, as we approach a new season, once again all things are possible. 

Represent like the OG fan you are in some REAL DEAL Magic gear. From low price tees to rare authentic jerseys, there is something for everyone. Check measurements and condition details prior to purchase. 

Shop at: Vintage Orlando Magic Collection


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