First EPIC score

As a picker, my true love is picking vintage menswear and even more specifically my favorite items are t shirts. Nearly 10 years ago I was on my way to meet up with friends but, I planned a pit stop along the way. I found an estate sale posted on craigslist that looked interesting and it was on the way to my destination. 

As I enter the house I overhear a bit of the back story of the sale as I looked around the living room. It was something along the lines of; a guy in his late 30's looking to start over. He was moving far away and basically wanted nothing to do with any of his old things. This is not a typical estate sale story and not one that generally would be at all promising for vintage clothing. It was a 2 bedroom house and as I walked into the master bedroom I found a coset stuffed full of flashy, high end mens clothes. Gucci, Prada, Versace and the like stacked tight in a reach in closet. None of it vintage but all of it still valuable. Prices marked were 1-5 bucks a piece. So, yes, I grabbed bags full of it knowing this was a mega score dollar wise. I parked my first 50 gallon garbage bag full (seriously) near the check-out table and headed to the second bedroom. 

It looked like a childhood time capsule. Full of sports memorabilia, toys and cheesy 80's posters. As I opened the bi-fold doors on the closet I'm pretty certain that a light from the heavens shone down upon a cash of 80's rock & metal tees, the likes of which I have never seen in one location. I started flipping through shirt by shirt. KISS, Metallica, Metallica, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Warrant, White Snake, King Diamond and so on and so on. If that wasn't already amazing enough, the price posted was $1 per shirt. I created another mega pile and the cherry on top was a shirt I wish I still had today. I didn't appreciate it's true rarity at the time. It was a 1985 Iron Maiden raglan. It was a special Florida tour edition, "Arrive Alive in 85" with unreal graphics. Iron Maiden tees have long been a desirable vintage collectable because of their cult following, unbeatable artwork, relative rareness and general vintage tee clout. This was also before they became celebrity uniforms as they are now and it was before the endless reprint era where they're coolness had minimal dilution. 

I cashed out my haul, which I think added up to only a little over $100 and it took me 2 trips to get it all to my car. It was the kind of crazy awesomeness you just don't get very often and it hooked me in big time. Even after 10 years and many more unbelievable picks, this one still ranks as one of the best of all time. 

Do you have a crazy awesome picking story? Write the story and send it to us! We will select a few to share on our blog and media channels. Thanks for reading!

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