The VINTAGE HARLEY t shirt showcase

If you love vintage t shirts, it's hard not to love Harley t shirts. T shirts in particular are what captured my heart in collecting and buying vintage. It was my gateway apparel into the old clothes life. 

When it comes to classic and iconic t shirt art, it's tough to beat Harley Davidson shirts. The rugged, americana imagery is in a class of its own. There is also an element of rarity when you start to get into pre-1990 Harley shirts. And that pool of shirts dwindles the older they get.

Of the most popular in the 1980's class of t shirts was a Texas based brand called 3D Emblem. During the 80's 3D Emblem cranked out some of the most amazing Harley art ever made and established a cult following. These have become a prized collection target specifically for Asian buyers who tend to drive the prices and demand. 

We have taken a selection of the Rag Lab collection and posted it in our online collection: Vintage Harley Showcase . We will keep this showcase running and periodically add new pieces. They are priced for sale with some cool affordable pieces and some pieces we've priced at a "make us sell it" rate. You can also see in depth video tours of some of these shirts on our YouTube page. Enjoy!

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