Who is RAG LAB?

Rag Lab and theraglab.com are subsidiaries of Rag&Splinter LLC, a Florida based company. Founded by Josh, a sustainability advocate and major vintage clothing enthusiast. Josh grew up in the Orlando area, graduated from UCF and spent nearly 15 years in retail management and strategy. In the late 2000’s he began his then hobby of “picking” for vintage. Hitting local thrift stores, estate and garage sales in search of the rare and unusual fashion pieces. After a major score (see blog post - first epic score) he was hooked. It was a hobby turned addiction. Flash forward to late 2016 and Rag & Splinter LLC was formed.

Now in it’s second year, Rag & Splinter LLC is spinning off Rag Lab into a website and media business. Focussing on special curated collections and limited release pieces, the website theraglab.com will compliment the large presence the company already has on eBay, processing 1000’s of transactions all over the world with over 4000 positive reviews (eBay). Rag Lab will also produce content on our YouTube (our Youtube channel) and social media (insta, FB). The content will be a combination of educational, visual product showcases, interviews, picking trips and much more.

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